Environmental Management


System Implementation

Most companies can damage their reputation and profit making abilities by not managing their environmental risks and opportunities. ESP works with businesses to develop bespoke, tailored Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) to various ISO standards (including ISO 9001, 14001:2015, 50001, 55001 and EMAS).


We understand that all companies sit uniquely in their environments and each organisation’s activities will have differing potential environmental impacts on their surroundings. As a result, we configure the management system to the context of the organisation. We use a systematic approach to assess the Company’s aspects and impacts in their environment (whether local, regional, national or International).


Our risk matrix provides a single powerful management tool for controlling environmental issues. It allows any potential environmental impact to be linked to the appropriate legislation, procedures, targets or audits against any area of the business.



We work in partnership with clients throughout the management system development process. This includes gaining commitment to the program from all levels of management, scoping the environmental initiatives already in place and helping to identify any training needs.


ESP have a proven track record of delivering these courses from a variety of sectors throughout the UK. We have been able to work closely with clients to develop bespoke environmental training courses specifically tailored to the needs of the organisation and certified/approved by IEMA.


We are an IEMA Training Centre offering a comprehensive list of training courses to our clients and we believe employee engagement is an integral part of environmental management systems.



Auditing should promote and deliver improvement to the company’s processes and activities. This requires auditors to have a working knowledge and understanding of the needs of stakeholders/investors, the sectors and markets that companies work in and the associated environmental risks as a result of their activities.  Here at ESP, we believe in using audits to help our clients to achieve their business objectives, meet performances goals and manage their risks.


We can undertake an audit and gap analysis against an existing Environmental, Quality or Energy Management System as part of a continuous improvement programme, ensuring that the management systems in place are always compliant with all relevant legislation and compliance obligations.