Mineral Restoration and Working Schemes

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ESP believe in a partnership approach to planning and designing sustainable landscapes. We work together with our clients, design teams and authorities to create solutions that add value to the development, the environment and wider society.

Mineral Restoration & Working Schemes

ESP has developed its reputation for excellence in this field by working with our clients on a partnership basis to deliver exemplary restoration and working schemes for minerals developments. The best results are achieved when ESP is involved from the project's inception, so that the mitigation of landscape and visual impacts can be incorporated into working schemes which maximise the returns from the available reserve.


Our restoration of Ardley North quarry on behalf of our client's Smith's & Sons (Bletchington) Ltd won the award for the innovation category at the MPA Biodiversity Awards 2013.  


Our work at Chailey Brickworks in East Sussex is a good example of how ESP worked with our clients, Ibstock Group to increase the clay winning area.