Landscape Management Plans

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ESP believe in a partnership approach to planning and designing sustainable landscapes. We work together with our clients, design teams and authorities to create solutions that add value to the development, the environment and wider society.

Landscape Management Plans

Landscapes are dynamic. They require prudent management to maximise their value to us, or to nature. In the case of restored landscapes, in particular after mineral workings, the 'aftercare' of a site can be critical to engaging stakeholders and gaining planning consent.  ESP is able to provide management plans for a range of land uses; each specifically tailored to the needs our client, often using the very best and most practicable techniques and technologies available for the specific site's situation.

ESP's work in restoring Ardley North Quarry for Smith's and Sons (Bletchington) Ltd made the best use of the site for biodiversity, which in turn minimized the requirement for costly land management activities during its aftercare period. This reduced the burden of ongoing restoration costs for our client, whilst also delivering a ecologically sound restoration scheme which won recognition by coming first in the 'Innovation Category' at the MPA Biodiversity Awards 2013.

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