Environmental Management


Environmental management systems are designed, implemented and embedded for customers to British (BS8555), International (ISO:14001) and European (EMAS) standards. ESP understands that good environmental management is built on a sound approach to sustainable development. It can reduce the risk of prosecution, identify cost savings and motivate personnel, especially when integrated into an organisation wide business management system.


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Landscape Planning and Design


Landscape planning and design are often treated as add on services to development planning, but this usually denies the opportunity for the landscape design to add value to a development and to the surrounding landscape. ESP seeks involvement with development at the earliest possible stage to ensure a sustainable approach in areas from landscape and visual impact assessment of proposals through to detailed construction and planting design.


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Health and Safety Systems


Health and safety systems are operated in most businesses today. But how many actually address the bespoke requirements and significant risks of individual organisations? ESP tailors customers’ health and safety systems to work with all personnel to manage risk, ensure legal compliance and meet standards including HSG (65) and OHSAS 18000 (18001 and 18002).


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health and safety

Environmental Training

Training can be provided by ESP on a number of Environmental and Health & Safety topics including:


Planning & Permits

Plan Services are required for a number of different reasons. ESP has extensive experience in developing plans for premises licences' for a variety of different types of businesses.

Environmental Permits are a legal requirements for many businesses and therefore essential to get right. ESP can manage a variety of different permit including:

  • Bespoke Permits
  • Standard Permits
  • Part B Permits