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Low Carbon Business Evolution Programme

About the LCBEP Project

The 'Low Carbon Business Evolution Programme' (LCBEP) is run by Staffordshire Business Environment Network (SBEN) and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund Programme. The aim of the project is to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Grants are available up to 60% of the value of project.

ESP provide specialist advice on how the eligible businesses can achieve success with regards to the aim of the project. Support is offered in one of the two following areas;

  • Energy Review or Energy & Environment Review
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Gap Analysis



Since 2016, ESP has been delivering these reviews with Staffordshire County Council, and we are proud to announce that our findings have identified over 3500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in savings, and around 900 tonnes of CO2 equivalent has been claimed as savings through the scheme.

ESP have worked with a large range of businesses and charities, from Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, to a joinery company, to an abattoir to achieve carbon and cost savings through innovative bespoke options for decreasing energy use.

We have greatly enjoyed being a part of the project, and feel it has not only been interesting and enjoyable, but has been beneficial to the Staffordshire community and its businesses.

To see the success of some of our energy and environment reviews, click on the companies below:

ISO 14001 Improvement and new business opportunities
13.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent saved
Improvements to environmental and waste management
2.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent saved
Diane Roberts, SBEN Manager and LCBEP Lead with Richard Goodwin, Andrew Fletcher and Siobhan Hill
Diane Roberts, SBEN Manager and LCBEP Lead with Richard Goodwin, Andrew Fletcher and Siobhan Hill

During the project we have delivered advice on efficiencies in heating, lighting, cooling, insulation and business process energy efficiencies, including innovative solutions such as:

  • Far Infra-Red Heating
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Voltage Power Optimisation
  • LED Lighting
  • Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Innovative solutions for business processes such as:
    • Bespoke Theatrical Lighting
    • Food preparation equipment sterilisation
    • Compressor optimisation
    • Replacement specialist kilns

To enquire, contact SBEN on 01785 277 379, or email lowcarbon@staffordshire.gov.uk.

For more information, visit sben.co.uk/LCBEP.

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