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Keep your Organisation up to Date with Environmental Legislation

ESP are able to provide our clients with a unique publication and environmental legislation updates service. We publish our legal update supplement quarterly. In it, our consultants have synthesised all of the changes in environmental legislation and policy from several leading sources during that quarter. The information regarding the changes is presented in a clean, attractively designed publication which makes this a go to source suitable for a majority of UK businesses. Here is a preview of our publication;

Aspects, Impacts and Compliance Obligations

Our experienced consultants will update your organisations aspects, impacts and compliance obligations every quarter, showing both which changes to legislation have occurred, how this effects your organisation and your specific levels of compliance now that there have been changes. We can guide you as to what is required to be fully compliant with this new legislation.

Environmental Legal Updates for the UK and Ireland

We offer a flexible range of legal updating services based on which parts of the UK and Republic of Ireland you wish to be updated on, and flexible payment options for the publication only, or a quarterly payment structure. We can also produce the publication to your organisations own style of branding if you would prefer – just let us know and we can can consult with our design team!

Pricing and Payment Options

Prices start at £195.00 per annum (ex VAT) for the publication only and payments can be made annually, or in quarterly instalments. Please see indicative pricing below.

Publication Only£195.00£50.00
Publication and Matrix Update£475.00£130.00
Area of Legislation to cover  
–          England & WalesIncluded 
–          Scotland+ £50.00+ £13.00
–          Northern Ireland+ £25.00+ £7.00
–          Republic of Ireland+ £100.00+ £25.00
Own Organisational Branding of Publication+ £50.00+ £13.00

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