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Why use a Management System?

A management system allows an organisation to ensure that their operational processes enable successful management of certain parts of the business. They also promote continual improvement and improve organisational reputation when certified to a recognised standard such as an ISO standard.

ESP have an extensive track record of assisting organisations in the successful planning, implementation and maintenance of management systems, as well as assisting with the external audit process. We understand that all companies sit uniquely in their environments and each organisation’s activities will have differing potential impacts on their surroundings. As a result, we configure the management system to the context of the organisation and make it a truly individual system. Our overarching aim is that every system we help implement is truly embedded in the organisations day to day operations and its ethos and we aim to work with you closely to achieve this, and deliver a system that simply works.

Most companies can damage their reputation and profit making abilities by not managing their environmental risks and opportunities. ESP works with businesses to develop bespoke, tailored Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to various ISO standards (including 14001:2015 and EMAS).

We understand that all companies sit uniquely in their environments and each organisation’s activities will have differing potential environmental impacts on their surroundings. As a result, we configure the management system to the context of the organisation. We use a systematic approach to assess the company’s aspects and impacts in their environment (whether local, regional, national or International).

Our risk matrix provides a single powerful management tool for controlling environmental issues. It allows any potential environmental impact to be linked to the appropriate legislation, procedures, targets or audits against any area of the business.

An established quality system ensures customer satisfaction with the products and services delivered.

We work with businesses from top-level management all the way down to “shop-floor” employees to design systems (including to ISO 9001 and industry specific standards) that determine policies as well as identifying and analysing risks. We focus on process owners in particular to understand how the business processes fit together and how controls can be implemented in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Health & Safety is an integral part of most businesses – both for personnel and the business. Employers are required by law to ensure the health and safety of employees and others who may be affected by day-to-day operations.

ESP has broad experience in designing health & safety systems from scratch as well as developing existing systems to OHSAS 18001. We are also quickly becoming well versed in the requirements of the new ISO 45001, which we are in the process of implementing with several clients.

The health and safety auditing services that we offer range from a ‘look – see’ audit to a bench-marking audit or a full audit of health and safety systems and practices against prescribed Standards.

We can assist you by ensuring that your documentation meets legal requirements and by carrying out general as well as specific risk assessments of your place of work and work activities.

Energy management can save not only the environment, as the amount of fossil fuels used is reduced, but it can also save the organisation money by reducing fuel consumption.

We can implement systems to ISO 50001 and can make sure you retain ESOS Compliance if you are eligible.

Organisations with tangible or intangible assets can benefit from the ISO 55001 standard, to ensure value is realised throughout the life cycle of assets.

For organisations involved in any part of the life-cycle of medical devices, the ISO 13485:2016 standard provides a framework for identifying regulatory requirements and quality management, with regards to design and manufacture of medical devices.

Integrated Management Systems

Following the introduction of a general structure for many of the ISO standards (Annex SL), many organisations have decided to implement integrated management systems. The common structure of standards such as 9001 and 14001 allows easy planning and implementation of both these systems at once, saving the organisation time and resources by implementing an integrated system. ESP have already begun implementing several quality, health & safety and environmental management systems to great success and the organisations we work with have felt the benefit of a more streamlined and simple management system.


Auditing should promote and deliver improvement to the company’s processes and activities. This requires auditors to have a working knowledge and understanding of the needs of stakeholders/investors, the sectors and markets that companies work in and the associated risks as a result of their activities.  Here at ESP, we believe in using audits to help our clients to achieve their business objectives, meet performances goals and manage their risks.

We can undertake an audit and gap analysis against an existing Management System as part of a continuous improvement programme, ensuring that the management systems in place are always compliant with all relevant legislation and compliance obligations.

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