IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills For The Workforce

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21st August 2019

23rd August 2019

4th December 2019

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Using environmental sustainability in all job roles

  • £295 + VAT pp
  • 1 Day


The Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course is perfect for those working in any job role across all sectors, to ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded into all job roles of a company.

The course provides an in-depth look at:

  • The main environmental risks and opportunities facing organisations
  • The importance of resource efficiency
  • The impacts of pollution, prevention, control and legislation
  • The impact of transport
  • How employees can support environmental sustainability

Key Skills / Learning Objectives

Through the combination of interactive tutorials, practical workshops and case studies, our course will enable the delegates to achieve the following learning requirements:

  • The Learner will have knowledge and understanding of the main environmental and economic risks and opportunities
  • The Learner will have knowledge and understanding of compliance obligations and business drivers for change
  • The Learner will have knowledge and understanding of the main potential impacts on environment and sustainability
  • The Learner will have knowledge and understanding of how to improve environmental performance

Practical workshops are designed to reinforce the discussions and topics. This style of delivery makes the course both memorable and enjoyable for participants, ensuring long-term learning.


Learning materials are provided and an IEMA Learner’s Manual is included in the booking price. Our trainers are experienced environmental consultants who promote discussion and a relaxed atmosphere during their training sessions. We encourage you to test their knowledge, and they are open to questions from delegates regarding management, planning and applying the skills learned to real life situations.


Upon completion of the classroom taught course, in order to successfully pass the course, an online exam is undertaken using an IEMA portal. 

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideally suited for those working in any job role across all sectors and has no formal entry requirements.


Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate from IEMA and ESP.

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